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Java is a trademark of Oracle Corporation. Excel is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Contenlo Quest is an Enterprise Web Reporting and Application Integration System. Quest has many capabilities and doesn't fit easily into conventional software categories - so to make it easier to gauge how Quest can help your business we have included the three main solution areas Quest covers.
Solution 1: Automate and Streamline the Reporting Cycle
  • Would saving time on the reporting cycle be of benefit to your organisation?
  • Would some or all of the month-end information be useful throughout the month?
  • Is the end of the month 'too late' for some information?
  • Is Reporting an 'overhead' when it should be a business tool?
Solution 2: Consolidate Information Quickly into MS Excel™.
  • Would faster capture of information to Excel help your reporting process?
  • Is too much time spent checking that the data in Excel matches the originating system?
  • Do you have difficulty getting the required information into Excel?
Solution 3: Roll-out Easy to use Dynamic Reports across the Intranet/Internet without spending a fortune.
  • Has cost of training/licensing issues put you off enterprise reporting?
  • Would universal point and click reporting be useful for your people?
  • Are head office staff taking calls from other departments asking for information or clarification of paper reports?
  • Do you have information tied up in legacy systems which you'd like to make available but training or emulation costs prevent it?
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