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Java is a trademark of Oracle Corporation. Excel is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
is an Enterprise Web Reporting and Application Integration System. It is designed to work with the systems you already have to produce the information you can't get from those systems.
Quest 4 new features:
  • Improved compliance reporting
  • Full Excel™ Integration - Choose Reports and enter parameters direct from Excel™ then watch the spreadsheet appear - a big timesaver.
  • Improved Data Consolidation
  • Data Entry/Update facilities - Save on training for legacy systems use Quest for simple updates.
  • Email reports - customers/suppliers now get the information they had to phone up for saves you time and money.
Quest core features:
  • Report to Web Browser or Excel™ Spreadsheet
  • Dynamically generated Reports (no cubes!)
  • Automatic Hyperlinks - drill down to get the detail on what you're interested in
  • Pull together multiple data sources onto one report - (Supports almost any JDBC or ODBC data source)
  • Consolidation across multiple data sources - Integration where it's required without throwing away old systems
  • Flexible report formatting and layout via HTML and Style Sheets.
  • Java™ based so runs on most platforms.
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