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Automate and Streamline the Reporting Cycle
Contenlo Quest delivers rapid Return On Investment by automating and streamlining the reporting cycle providing valuable information on-demand and saving time.
The Problem
The reporting cycle for financial, sales or production information whether it is monthly or quarterly, is a time consuming and stressful process for many companies. It can involve a surprising amount of manual effort to pull together all the information from various sources to build the final reports, often this process has to be repeated several times in the cycle. A lot of the information gleaned would be very valuable throughout the month but is just too time consuming to put together.
The Questions
  • Would saving time on the reporting cycle be of benefit to your organisation?
  • Would some of the month-end information be useful throughout the month?
  • Is the end of the month 'too late' for some information?
  • Is Reporting an 'overhead' when it should be a business tool?
The Vision
Quest can automate the processes of pulling information together from various sources whether they are databases or legacy systems. Quest can consolidate information from multiple companies/departments even if they are on separate systems. Quest can deliver this information to a browser page or directly into an MS Excel spreadsheet. Automating manual processes which involve copying files, copy/paste operations and spreadsheet manipulation removes a lot of chances of errors leading to improved data integrity. This makes it easy to get figures throughout the month meaning that mistakes are spotted earlier meaning less work at the end of the month. Online or email Quest reports can cut down on production and distribution costs of printed reports.

Value Delivered
At a large financial services company Quest shortened the monthly reporting cycle by half from a typical 5 days to just under 2 days with some tasks which previously took a whole day to do being reduced to a minute or so. Quest has delivered the following benefits;
  • Staff no longer have to work weekends.
  • Work on the month-end can start much earlier because it is easy to run the reports; previously they waited until the last minute to avoid having to repeat processes if late invoices were posted etc.
  • Time freed up from reporting can be used for more productive activities.
  • Confidence in working reports much improved and the time previously spent checking that the data in working reports corresponded to the originating system can now be spent checking that the numbers make sense overall!
  • A consolidated view across 20 companies is now available within seconds that just wasn't feasible before.

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