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Roll-out Easy to use Dynamic Reports across the Intranet/Internet without spending a Fortune!
Contenlo Quest delivers rapid Return On Investment by devolving access to reporting to the whole organisation providing 'just in time' reports when and where they’re needed.
The Problem
You have many users who need access to information, but are in remote offices, and/or users who don’t know how to use the corporate applications or aren’t authorised to. You want to make information available on demand, so that information can be acted upon quickly.
The Questions
  • Has cost of training/licensing issues put you off enterprise reporting?
  • Would universal point and click reporting be useful for your people?
  • Are head office staff taking calls from other departments asking for information or clarification of paper reports?
  • Do you have information tied up in legacy systems which you’d like to make available but training or emulation costs prevent it?
The Vision
Quest is used to make easy to use ‘point and click reports’ available to anyone in the organisation with a web browser. The reports give instant summary information and allow unlimited drill-downs on any information of interest. For example a manager wants to see how she is doing against budget- she goes to myQuest1 chooses the budget report from her list of reports. Two departments are doing well but one is behind budget she clicks on the number to get the sales breakdown for the month - she remembers a large sale for that department - there is no mention of it - she clicks on the sales by customer all departments report and there is the sale booked to another department! The mistake is soon rectified and crucially before the month-end reports come out so no one had any explaining to do at the monthly progress meeting. Another example would be allowing customers to view statements via Quest.

Value Delivered
At a government organisation Quest allowed regional offices to quickly access information from a proprietary system which they had been unable to access since a network upgrade. It also helped highlight uncollected rents within their property portfolio leading to rapid payback. The value proposition for Quest reporting is basically;
  • Access to reports whenever and wherever the users want better and timelier information helping them perform more effectively.
  • No training overhead as reports easy to use.
  • Time freed up from reporting can be used for more productive activities.
  • Opportunity to save on report printing and distribution costs by using Quest browser or email reports.
  • Integrate and Consolidate multiple data sources onto one browser page or spreadsheet.
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